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Star Wars; A New Hope


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Don't read this review UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE TRILOGY!

A young filmmaker named George Lucas, who already had two low-budget films under his belt (although American Graffitti was a success), signed a deal with Fox, to make one of the most influencial films of all time, Star Wars. Since the Sci-Fi genre hadent made it through the 50's, making a film of that kind was bound to be a failure, but of coarse, the odds were defyed when Star Wars: A New Hope was a great success.

Since A New Hope was the first movie in the saga, it had to be good to catch the attention of viewers, so they would eventually see the sequels. Introducing young actor, Mark Hammill as Luke Skywalker, a young man from the desertous planet of Tatooine. We are also introduced to the villian of the movie, Darth Vader, who is forced to wear a giant black suit thingy, just to stay alive! This movie is a great action flick and also good to keep kids happy, remember, all the Star Wars movies are rated PG! A